DeAndre Wright is a singer-songwriter from in Houston, Texas.

With years of experience as a performer and her roots in gospel, DeAndre is known to give audiences depth and authenticity with every beat, lyric, and sound. “I’m a writer to the core and I really had to accept that. Once I did, it changed my life. I can finally give people the real me. I can truly speak to who I am and what we (as a people) experience in life. It’s given me great joy and freedom.”

Soulful, quirky, fresh, and vibrant have all been words used to describe this unique songstress. She’s a force to be reckoned with on stage and describes her live performances as “liberating.” Audiences hang on to every lyric she sings and characterize her voice as being simply beautiful.

Wright’s influences cross many genre lines. She credits classic artists like Tina Turner, James Brown, The Jacksons, Prince, and Whitney Houston as well as contemporaries like Sia, Janelle Monae, P!nk, Bruno Mars, and Haim for inspiring her.

Penning her way through different productions, Wright has worked with an eclectic group of producers ranging from the up and coming to the Grammy Award-winning. “I love creating with different producers because I can feed off their energy and push myself to come up with something different. It’s always a challenge and so much dog-on fun!”

Now living in California’s Bay Area, DeAndre has released her anticipated EP–’9Lives.‘ Reflecting her eclectic taste in music, she leaves no stone unturned.

“9Lives is honestly the most personal I’ve ever been. I want people to really sit with this and understand how we all connect, how we all get knocked down to get back up every single day.”